Sandy’s Medals

My friend Sandy recently won three medals in the Special Olympics and I take this as an opportunity to congratulate her. She is a huge fan of professional sports teams and professional athletes — her favorite topics of conversation. In this photo she is being congratulated by another friend, Vester Marshall, a former small forward for the Seattle Sonics. Her favorite colors are blue and green — conveniently the colors of both of her favorite teams — the Seattle Seahawks and … Read More

Shadows of Spring

I spotted this image on NW Market Street yesterday. In my peripheral vision it looked like a tree, but since few hardwoods have begun to leaf out in this unusually cold spring, my sub-conscious mind made me do a double-take. I made a U turn to get a better look, parked my car, and in the narrow grass strip between the road and sidewalk, began shooting.   And next to it, a slightly more ominous Shadow Tree.   As I was framing the 3rd … Read More

Mystery Orbs

On February 6, I woke up to a beautiful snow-covered landscape. At dawn, I grabbed my camera and took a few photos, one towards West Seattle in the the NE and one directly west over the Salmon Creek Ravine. When I viewed them in Lightroom, I noticed they were peppered with beautiful orbs that varied in size and transparency, but I had not noticed the orbs through the view finder nor with my naked eyes. Also, the sky appeared to be perfectly clear … Read More