Sandy’s Medals

Sandysmedals (1 of 1)-2

My friend Sandy recently won three medals in the Special Olympics and I take this as an opportunity to congratulate her. She is a huge fan of professional sports teams and professional athletes — her favorite topics of conversation. In this photo she is being congratulated by another friend, Vester Marshall, a former small forward for the Seattle Sonics. Her favorite colors are blue and green — conveniently the colors of both of her favorite teams — the Seattle Seahawks and the Seattle Sounders.

This photo is a composite of two main photos and then the result of several modifications. I shot the original photo inside at the Seattle Athletic Club and then combined it with a stock photo of a track stadium. I changed the color of the track from blue to green, added people in the stands, made the sky a little bluer, added drama streaks (a recently learned technique in a seminar by Janko Williams), added shadows for the people, and added a little bling to Sandy’s medals!

DSC00980-Edit-2Sandysmedals (1 of 1)-3



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  1. marlys k. garrity
    | Reply

    Awesome job Sandy and thank you Julie for the wonderful picture..

  2. Vester Marshall
    | Reply

    Congratulations Sandy! You are so inspiring to all of those that know you. It’s a privilege to share in the occasions of your many honors. Good luck this weekend. Maybe you can add to your many awards. I will be pulling for you.

    | Reply

    TY Jeanne — We miss you too!!

  4. Jeanne Bender
    | Reply

    Great job Sandy…..
    Good work Julie
    I miss you both HUGE!!!!
    Jeanne 🙂

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