Hell’s Canyon

On September 22, we headed over to Eastern Washington to take a 175 mile overnight boat trip up the Snake River with some friends. We stopped at the Ginko Petrified Forest state Park Museum in Vantage and then at Palouse Falls State Park. Ginkgo Petrified Forest State Park Museum The Ginkgo Petrified Forest Museum is a World Heritage Site founded in 1965 on 7,470 acres of the Columbia River in Vantage, WA. My husband’s second cousin, Prof. F. George Beck, geology professor at Central, … Read More

August 21, 2017 — Trip to Totality

On August 20, 2017 Chuck and I and a friend, Scott, headed to Madras OR to view the eclipse the following day. We stopped in Goldendale at the Maryhill Museum to view Sam Hill’s amazing, eclectic art collection and then up to the Goldendale Observatory for their 4PM “Solar Show”. Go directly to photo album from trip > Maryhill Museum Upon visiting the Maryhill Museum, founded by Sam Hill, one is first struck by the beautiful view of the Maryhill vineyard and the Columbia … Read More

Sandy’s Medals

My friend Sandy recently won three medals in the Special Olympics and I take this as an opportunity to congratulate her. She is a huge fan of professional sports teams and professional athletes — her favorite topics of conversation. In this photo she is being congratulated by another friend, Vester Marshall, a former small forward for the Seattle Sonics. Her favorite colors are blue and green — conveniently the colors of both of her favorite teams — the Seattle Seahawks and … Read More

Shadows of Spring

I spotted this image on NW Market Street yesterday. In my peripheral vision it looked like a tree, but since few hardwoods have begun to leaf out in this unusually cold spring, my sub-conscious mind made me do a double-take. I made a U turn to get a better look, parked my car, and in the narrow grass strip between the road and sidewalk, began shooting.   And next to it, a slightly more ominous Shadow Tree.   As I was framing the 3rd … Read More

Mystery Orbs

On February 6, I woke up to a beautiful snow-covered landscape. At dawn, I grabbed my camera and took a few photos, one towards West Seattle in the the NE and one directly west over the Salmon Creek Ravine. When I viewed them in Lightroom, I noticed they were peppered with beautiful orbs that varied in size and transparency, but I had not noticed the orbs through the view finder nor with my naked eyes. Also, the sky appeared to be perfectly clear … Read More